Persian Marble company has its own marble quarries in Dehbid area, Fars province, less than 2:30 hours from Shiraz Airport.

Persian Marble’s Quarry: Crema Persia
The color ranges from light to dark beige with several sorted patterns. The perfect structural composition of the blocks provides uniform appearance when sawn in any direction (no cross cut or vein cut). Additionally, Crema Persia is structurally compact to provide any cut to size, as large as you can possibly manage to fix.
This quarry produces Crema Persia in the following patterns which are demonstrated in the Products section:
Yasamin, Sun, Rose, Light Cappuccino, Rain, Spring, Dark Cappuccino, Brescia, Classic Beige, and Dark Beige.

Pasargad Marble Quarry- Crema Persia
In this quarry, the color is uniform light beige. At this moment the quarry is under waste removal and we hope to supply the production into the market in 2018. The following patterns are produced and demonstrated in the Products section:
Classic Light Beige, Honey Vein, Light Beige, and Filetto Giallo.

Physical characteristics
         – Saturated compressive strength 282 kg/cm2
         – Dry compressive strength 373 kg/cm2
         – Saturated density 2.68 gr/cm3
         – Dry density 2.67 gr/cm3
         – Apparently density 2.70 gr/cm3
         – Water absorption 0.31 %
         – Porosity 0.84 %

Stock Yard
Our stock yard is located in Dehbid industrial zone where we stock the produced blocks.

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